From left to right: Mary Bates-Ulibarri, Peter Siebert, Steve Glass, President Tracy Hartzler, Saundra Trujillo, Ebony Sanders, and Michael Kear.

Congratulations to Spring Term CNM Values Champions!

CNM values, exemplified by the outstanding employees below, are cause for celebration.
February 20, 2020

CNM held a luncheon Wednesday to celebrate the Spring Term Values Champion Awards recipients. The awards, which will be given out each semester, highlight employees who exemplify one or more of CNM’s Core Values—Be Caring, Be Ethical, Be Inspiring, Be Courageous, Be Connected, Be Exceptional.

Congratulations to the Values Champs! They are:

Be Caring: Library Manager Mary Bates-Ulibarri, nominated by Scott Reece

Our nominator wrote: My nominee exemplifies our Core Value of Caring. On October 9th of last year, I suffered an episode of severe low blood sugar, resulting in me losing consciousness. When my coworker notified our supervisor of my absence from work, my nominee called me, then tried the emergency number listed for my wife. Unable to get through, my nominee proceeded to call multiple branches of Bank of America, where my wife works, until she found someone who knew my wife. The bank employees were able to get in contact and called 911 to have emergency services dispatched to my house, where paramedics were able to revive me. Untreated low blood sugar can result in seizures, diabetic coma, or even death, and without that call, I wouldn’t have been found for hours. I don’t believe it is an exaggeration to say that my nominee’s decisive action, persistence, and above all, caring, started the chain of events that prevented severe injury and possibly even saved my life.  I cannot thank her enough.

Be Connected: Biology Instructor Steve Glass, nominated by Sierra Netz

Our nominator wrote: My nominee is a great asset to CNM, bringing experience working at the water authority as well as volunteer experience around ABQ to classes. This employee has taught interdisciplinary classes that make inroads with other departments, creates partnerships with local groups, bringing speakers into the classroom and creating learning opportunities around these partnerships. When we team-taught a class, my nominee connected me with many individuals from around the greater ABQ community, including the Natural History Museum, the waste water treatment plant, volunteer programs like Talking Talons and even CABQ Air Quality. My nominee has brought personal development opportunities to CNM and the department via connections. One day as our co-taught class was on a field trip near the Bosque, a bicyclist rode by on the bike path and shouted “Hi, Nominee!” After that time, I like to joke that he literally knows everyone in Albuquerque. But, in reality, nobody better represents the CNM value of connectedness.

Be Courageous: Westside Security Lieutenant Michael Kear, nominated by Susan Ruth

Our nominator wrote: My nominee has taught me we can choose courage in the face of the unknown. Over the last 3 years, my nominee lost his father, mother, two grandsons, and a son. But my nominee has mammoth reserves of courage and does not give up easily. A former military medic and gang prevention officer, my nominee is trained to observe closely, and notices the students who eat alone, lack materials, or who just need someone to talk to. One day, my nominee saw a student carrying books in an old plastic bag. When the student said she couldn’t afford a backpack, my nominee showed up the next day with a new one. CNM Security hosts a college day for kids with cancer, allowing them to forget about doctors and hospitals for a day. One boy admired my nominee’s badge and said, “I wish I could be an officer like you.” My nominee was so moved that he contacted the mom and gave the boy a special badge. His tenacious hope and optimism despite so much loss is the most courageous thing I have seen.

Be Ethical: HWPS Program Entry and Compliance Manager Ebony Sanders, nominated by Vanessa Louis 

Our nominator wrote: My nominee has a very crucial job at CNM, screening student applications and allowing students into programs upon meeting requirements and the lottery. My nominee taught me their special ways of working so that I an assist in this role. My nominee is always doing what is right and what is fair to all students. Each student is treated the same and is held to the same standards as the others. My nominee is trustworthy, reliable, responsible, fair, transparent, and honest and always takes the extra steps to ensure things are done with full integrity.

Be Exceptional: PPD Project Manager Peter Siebert, nominated by Catron Allred, Jan Winslow and Sobeida Toledo

One nominator wrote: My nominee is an exceptional employee and support to the many organizations internally and externally to CNM.  My nominee works in extremely stressful and difficult circumstances and is always positive and finds a solution to the myriad of problems presented on a daily basis.  He is truly an exceptional and unsung hero!

The second nominator wrote: My nominee worked tirelessly for over a year to ensure that our department would be able to move into our new space in a timely manner and be comfortable throughout the process. Yes, it’s the job, but what makes this employee exceptional is that the employee was in contact with all of us – not just the boss – to let us know what to expect and when and worked with us until issues were resolved. This nominee is terribly busy, yet never too busy to respond to us, check in, share a joke, or give us a tour of our space when we were curious. This nominee has really gone above and beyond to bring in the right people to solve issues, respond to emails quickly, and get things done! We so appreciate him!

And the third nominator wrote: Supportive, positive, goes above and beyond in managing projects. Without this employee, I’m not sure the building would have come online! Despite setbacks beyond his control this nominee is positive and always trying to make things better.

Be Inspiring: CHSS Instructor Saundra Trujillo, nominated by Sarah Morrison

Our nominator wrote: This nominee has been building CNM's Formerly Incarcerated Students Reintegration Success Team and has used expertise in Criminology and connections throughout the Criminal Justice system to help create a program that will “build hope, aspiration, and positive change” in our community. Research shows there are many barriers for re-entry for individuals with criminal records. We know that these can have profoundly negative effects on families and make it practically impossible for individuals with a criminal record to become the engaged, responsible citizens. While these barriers may seem impossible to overcome, this nominee welcomes the challenge. Through this nominee’s work, we are creating a program that is research-based, comprehensive, and modeled on an ethics of care- that recognizes that everyone is more than the worst thing they’ve ever done and everyone deserves dignity, respect, and opportunity. This nominee knows that CNM can offer that opportunity, and she is dedicated to helping students with criminal histories.