Faces of CNM: Bella Figueroa
Bella will graduate with her Associate's Degree in Theatre and transfer to UNM in the fall.

Faces of CNM: Bella Figueroa

Bella, who’s graduating from CNM’s Theatre Program in May, says her passion for acting is leading to great experiences and adventures.
April 29, 2019

At age 17, Bella Figueroa began her journey as an actress working behind the scenes at a summer camp for thespians. There, she quickly fell in love with the art of acting and made the decision to pursue it as a life-long passion.

“I was too afraid to act. I was backstage the whole time,” she says. “But after seeing how performance can ignite passion within the audience and the actors, I knew that I wanted to do it for the rest of my life.”

Bella is currently in her final semester in CNM’s Theatre program and is transferring to the University of New Mexico to continue her education in the performing arts. She says she’s excited, but also nervous to break out of her comfort zone here at CNM.

“When you first think of a theatre program at a community college, you think that it’s probably not going to be the best program ever,” she says. “But the theatre program here is unbelievable. The instructors are amazing, and I’ve just learned so much and I’ve grown into a better performer because of the education I received here.”


When Bella moved to New Mexico from Texas in 2017, she thought it would be challenging to fit in at a new college. To her surprise, she has built lasting friendships with her fellow classmates through a shared passion for performance in CNM’s Theatre program.

“I thought it would be really hard to make friends here, but after only a few days, I met my best friend,” says Bella. “I just know these people are genuine and truly care about my success and happiness.”

Bella says that being onstage is an experience that feeds her soul and that nothing else can compare to the feeling she gets when she sees the audience invest their emotions in her performance.

“It’s equally terrifying and rewarding,” Bella says. “It’s so life-changing being on stage, creating worlds for people to experience. The energy of an audience that is so entranced by the art I’m creating is just incredible, you can just feel it coming off of them.”

Bella has big dreams for her future. She says that, ultimately, her goal is to perform on Broadway in New York City. But she also has deep appreciation for the art community here in Albuquerque.  

“Art is truly alive here in Albuquerque,” says Bella. “As long as I’m on a stage somewhere doing what I Iove, I’ll be happy.”

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