Students in the Truck Driving program now get the valuable experience of driving a tanker.

Groendyke Provides CNM with Tanker for Training in Truck Driving Program

November 07, 2019

CNM and Groendyke Transport have established a partnership resulting in Groendyke providing a tanker to the CNM Truck Driving program, which will provide students with valuable opportunities to expand their training, experience and marketability to employers. CNM is believed to be the first community college truck driving program with a tanker for student training.

“Adding a tanker to our other trucks is going to provide our students with another great learning opportunity,” said Diana Lucero, a full-time instructor in CNM’s Truck Driving program. “Now our students can drive something totally different and know what tankers are all about, which will make them more valuable to employers. To my knowledge, we’re the only college that has one of these.”

Groendyke has been an industry partner with CNM’s Truck Driving program for the past year and attends advisory committee meetings. The trucking company has also hired three CNM graduates.

“Anytime we can become industry partners with a company in our community like Groendyke and get equipment like this, it’s stellar for our program,” said Lucero, who’s been teaching at CNM for seven years and has been in the trucking industry for 32 years. “Our students are excited and they’re already using it.”

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