Deep Dive Coding to Launch New Data Science and Internet of Things Bootcamps

Both fields are in high demand by local and national employers and students will be ready for careers in just 10 weeks
January 08, 2020

Several hundred students have successfully gone through CNM’s Deep Dive Coding bootcamps where they learn the fundamentals of coding in 10 weeks and then move directly into well-paying jobs that help fuel our economy. As a next step in Deep Dive’s evolution, and to meet an increasing demand for technology training in emerging fields, Deep Dive will be offering two new cutting-edge bootcamps this February -- Data Science and the Internet of Things.

The Data Science bootcamp will run 10 weeks and is the first intermediate-to-expert bootcamp offered. Applicants will need some background in coding, statistics, and the field they plan to enter (business, healthcare, energy, etc.), but will come out eligible for jobs that often start at $75-$125K in the Albuquerque area and $140K nationally.

Data science as a field deals with everything from data management to machine learning and is currently being used in everything from the movies Netflix recommends to self-driving cars. According to a recent study, the need for data scientists is set to spike 28 percent in 2020. 

“Here in Albuquerque, data scientists are in high demand,” says Kyle Lee, the Chief Executive Officer at CNM Ingenuity, which oversees the Deep Dive program. “Some businesses know they need to invest in data science and are hiring recruiters to find employees any way they can. Other businesses haven’t come to that realization but soon will.”

The Internet of Things (IOT) bootcamp will also start in February and run 10 weeks. In that class, which is open to anyone, students will learn the fundamentals of how to code and make smart devices that gather and share data for better functionality at home and work. 

The Internet of Things, which started with a smart thermostat, has expanded to nearly every industry from healthcare to city government (smart devices are being used to improve everything from how we exercise to how we optimize public transportation), and jobs in this industry are also in high demand. It’s estimated that there will be one trillion connected devices by 2035, which is more than 100 smart devices for every person on earth. People who love technology, tinkering, and manufacturing, are encouraged to apply.

“The market is only so big for people who want to sit on a computer and code,” Kyle says. “And that’s why we’re working to open up these other domains as soon as possible.”