Graduates of Deep Dive Coding: Jordan Vinson

Jordan likes a problem. That’s why he’s good with cars, and good at coding
March 11, 2020

Back in 2016, Jordan Vinson had to make a choice: fishing or coding. He’d attended UNM but hated his classes. Next, he was going to attend a Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp—even though he knew nothing about coding—or head to Alaska and work on a fishing boat. Both would last three months and decide his path forward.

Nowadays, Jordan is glad he chose the Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp. He knew little about coding but jumped in and excelled. He’d spent years tinkering on cars and his mechanical background helped. He was also at his best when things went wrong.

“It was the challenge of coding that kept me going,” he says. “Being able to problem solve is a lot of fun.”

After graduating, Jordan worked at a variety of coding jobs and eventually landed at Ingenuity Software Labs (ISL), a software and website development company that’s co-owned and run by CEO John Mierzwa. At ISL, Jordan is a front-end developer and his job is to design or redesign sites for a wide variety of clients, including healthcare, construction, and e-commerce businesses.

ISL has been a good place for Jordan to land because John gives his employees lots of independence. Jordan says he has autonomy to make design and development decisions, which keeps him motivated and helps him grow.  

“I really like the freedom, and it’s great that John trusts me,” Jordan says.

The feeling is mutual.

“It’s obvious that Jordan likes getting stuff done and helping our clients with designs that they and their customers love,” John says.

Going forward, Jordan plans to continue his coding education. He’s currently working on his bachelor’s in software development and is looking forward to chewing off more projects for ISL. He’s also back to tinkering on cars. Right now he’s working on a 1974 Dodge Charger and a 1991 Toyota Supra. He’s drawn to older cars, because like coding, they often present a challenge.

“I don’t like being bored,” he says. “And between coding and cars, I always have something exciting to figure out.”