Heather Fitzgerald a CNM Distinguished Faculty Award Winner

Feb. 8, 2018 -- Heather Fitzgerald, a full-time Distinguished Faculty Award winner for 2017-18, is an outstanding instructor and an asset to the School of Math, Science & Engineering, and CNM. She uses many best practices in her classroom pedagogy including active learning, flipped classrooms, and service learning.
Heather Fitzgerald a CNM Distinguished Faculty Award Winner
From left, CNM Governing Board member Michael Canfield, Board Member Annette Chavez y De La Cruz, Distinguished Faculty Winner Heather Fitzgerald, Board Member Nancy Baca and Board Chair Pauline Garcia.

Feb 08, 2018

Heather was awarded the Jon Gill Bentley Faculty Excellence Award for her teaching in 2013, and has been recognized regularly by her students and colleagues as an excellent biology instructor and an expert in her field. In her role as STEM Activities Coordinator, Heather has engaged and expanded MSE faculty and student involvement in the CNM Strategic Direction initiatives. She works in the STEM student cohort and does outreach activities such as the Homework Diner, STEM Day at Explora, and more.

Heather has written two grants, both of which have been funded. One grant provided students with opportunities to be mentored by Intel professionals and the other opened the door for students to be interns at Explora. She currently serves as the co-chair for the CNM Institutional Research Board and the CNM Sub-Award PI for the NM Alliance for Minority Participation. Heather is truly a distinguished faculty member at CNM.